June 16, 2006

The Lord has been dealing with me and trying to get me to understand vision.

I don't believe that I have ever really thought about having a vision. But boy, when you have two preachers speaking to you at once about the same thing — God MUST be giving me a message.

Paula White this morning said..

"Vision is a mental vision of your future state."

My pastor said this morning, "Sometimes your vision clears as you go."  (Scripture reference:  Mark 8:22-25).


2 Responses to “Vision”

  1. Anne Says:

    And so….any further revelations or nudges from God about this vision thing?? Don’t you love it when he uses people to get a message across!

  2. Thanks for replying Anne 🙂

    I know that God speaks to me through confirmations. I’m working on hearing the voice behind me saying go this way, go that way… 🙂


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