I Found My Vision!!!

July 29, 2006

I can’t tell you how many times lately that I have been having trouble concentrating when I am at work. I recently was reading in John Maxwell’s book, Leadership 101 the Pareto Principle. I discussed this principle in my blog, Tools of the VA. The principle basically states that 20% of what you do will give you 80% of your production.

Lately, my to do list has been long! I have had trouble focusing. Why? I believe that the enemy (satan) is trying to distract me into my God given assignment. God wants me to focus on His priorities for that day — even if it is only 1, 2, or 10.

I read today in Romans 12:11: “Never be lazy in your work, but serve the Lord enthusiastically.” But before that verse, it keyed in on one of my gifts in Romans 12:7: “If your gift is that of serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, do a good job of teaching.” I know that I am to serve others, that’s why I’m a Virtual Assistant. I know that God has called me to this position. I have a degree in Marketing, but I am finding that God wants me to serve Christian Entrepreneurs to help them complete their vision and if my marketing degree gets thrown in there — all the better.

My vision is to help other people attain their vision! WOW! I found it.

Now back to the lazy verse. I’ve been lazy. I admit it! There it is out in the open. I can now go forward. Thank you Lord! I have the ability to do all that you have called me to for today. I am leaning on you!

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4 Responses to “I Found My Vision!!!”

  1. Anne Marie Says:

    Johnnie, how inspiring to read your post! I’m so glad that you feel your vision has come into sharp focus. What a blessing you will be to so many Christian entrepreneurs. That scripture from Romans really speaks to me this morning – thank you!

  2. Deborah Says:

    I myself am a christian entrepreneur. I would love you to help me fulfill my vision!

    Doesn’t it feel great when we have found our God-given purpose!

  3. Johnnie Says:

    Hi Deborah,

    It does feel great when you finally have your eye on what God wants you to see! It goes back to the verse I read today, Proverbs 20:12: “Ears to hear and eyes to see–both are gifts from the LORD.”

    Please feel free to send me an email with your schedule so that we can try to coordinate a time to speak. My email address can be found on my website: http://www.imyourva.com under the contact page.

  4. "Maggie" Says:

    Great post! I needed that. 20% eh?

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