The last time I wrote I was speaking about auditioning for one of the choir’s at my church. Although I didn’t get placed in the Grammy Award winning choir, I did get placed in The Bishop’s Choir. I found out that this was the choir that God wanted to place me in.

There are some things you need to know before I go further. First of all, for those of you who do not know, The Potter’s House church’s pastor is T.D. Jakes. He has been featured on Time Magazine’s cover in 2001. Second, you need to understand that I am Caucasian. Third, my church is a very culturally diverse church; however, over half of the people who attend are African American. Finally, the choir that I was placed in was all African American. So, as you can imagine, people noticed me right away. So much so that one time I was in Big Lots (which is 10 miles away from my church) and a member (who is Hispanic) said, “You sing in the choir at The Potter’s House.” Of course, I said yes, but as you can tell, people did notice me.

Well, the director of The Bishop’s Choir is such a godly woman. She has drive, a fire in her belly, but most of all — she is anointed by God. She is taking the choir to new levels. I’m getting excited just talking about it.

But this choir — The Bishop’s Choir — has so much love in it! Not one time have I ever felt isolated, separated or shunned. These godly men and women of God love each person individually. But again, that’s why I came to this church that God sent me to. The people are warm, friendly, and loving. Now, don’t get me wrong, you still have a few people who don’t even want to sit near me, but that’s okay — I love them no matter what as they are God’s child. So — I’m in the right choir.

But living my dream — how does this relate? I’ll tell you more….later.

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Living Your Dream

August 3, 2006

When I was little I used to imagine that I was a singing sensation. I could sing you every single song on “The Sound Of Music“. Julie Andrews could sing up high — and so could I. I always thought that I would be a singer.

Later on when I was in 5th grade I thought I was going to be a meteorologist. Living in the Central South (Dallas, Texas) we often had Tornado Watches and Warnings. Tornadoes really fascinated me. One time I even wrote a report on them. I truly thought I was going to do that when I grew up, but I found out later how much I really did not like science. Not in the game plan after that.

Well, here I am now in my 40’s and I’m not a singing sensation, but I sure do love singing. So much so that I tried out for my church choir back in 2004. It was for The Potter’s House church. At the time that I auditioned there were two choirs: 1) The Potter’s House Choir which is a Grammy Award winning choir for their album “A Wing And A Prayer” and 2) The Bishop’s Choir. I didn’t get into the Grammy Award winning choir, but God did place me in the right choir.

More on this tomorrow…

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