Living Your Dream

August 3, 2006

When I was little I used to imagine that I was a singing sensation. I could sing you every single song on “The Sound Of Music“. Julie Andrews could sing up high — and so could I. I always thought that I would be a singer.

Later on when I was in 5th grade I thought I was going to be a meteorologist. Living in the Central South (Dallas, Texas) we often had Tornado Watches and Warnings. Tornadoes really fascinated me. One time I even wrote a report on them. I truly thought I was going to do that when I grew up, but I found out later how much I really did not like science. Not in the game plan after that.

Well, here I am now in my 40’s and I’m not a singing sensation, but I sure do love singing. So much so that I tried out for my church choir back in 2004. It was for The Potter’s House church. At the time that I auditioned there were two choirs: 1) The Potter’s House Choir which is a Grammy Award winning choir for their album “A Wing And A Prayer” and 2) The Bishop’s Choir. I didn’t get into the Grammy Award winning choir, but God did place me in the right choir.

More on this tomorrow…

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