What About You?

February 14, 2007

There are some things happening at my work that aren’t right. I really want to dwell on what other people are doing wrong, but God spoke to me this morning and I realize that I shouldn’t be looking at what other people are doing, but I’m supposed to be examining myself.

Boy…that just really got me. I really want to rant and rave to you about an unjustice that someone else is doing…but I can’t because what is looking back at me is Jesus saying, “What about you?”

It’s eating me up because I want to tell you the situation, but I can’t. The Holy Spirit keeps saying, “What about you?”

Thank God that he gives me his Holy Spirit to guide me. I sure would be in a heap of trouble at work if he wasn’t. The Holy Spirit reminded me of this verse:

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

Luke 6:37

What about you?

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Psalm 31:21
“Praise the Lord, for he has shown me His unfailing love. He has kept me safe when my city was under attack.”

The months of November & December 2006 and half of January 2007 were months of reflection and peace. Yet it was also months of loneliness. How can the two exist together?

It was a time when my husband and I were living basically in two different places. We thought that we wanted to move to the country and we made the move to one hour outside of Dallas. But, my husband works in Fort Worth which made it a drive of almost two hours. Many times my husband would stay in Irving after I was already at the other home. So there were times when I didn’t see him for 5-10 days…

We weren’t living apart just physically but also spiritually. It was a couple of months of broken promises, feelings of betrayal (although it wasn’t actually the case), false expectations, fear, loneliness and rejection. Yet in the midst of all of this I had more connectively to my Lord and Savior. He sustained me. I became His child. I have always been His child since the foundations of the earth, but I truly understood it. I cried to Him so many times that I have lost count. My time with God during my couple of months without my husband continually with me were special.

My time without my husband also helped me realize what was important. My family. Not just my father and mother, but my husband who is a significant person in my life on this earth. But not the most important person in my life — that belongs to Jesus, exclusively.

When I read Psalm 31:21 I think of how God sustained me and kept me safe during so much pain. I am thankful, now, to have gone through it so that I might be counted worthy to suffer as Jesus suffered. To feel the isolation and separation from those closest to Him during the most trying times of His life on earth…His own death….But Thank you for the Death, Burial and Resurrection so that I might be saved! 

Thank you Lord for including me!

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