I Know Who I am

October 12, 2007

I know I have said this before, by I just LOVE the new CD, A Deeper Level by Israel & New Breed. This is a demo of the song that is on the album. I call it the acoustic version!

I Know Who I Am
Written by Israel Houghton & Chris Tomlin

I know who I am
I know who I am
I know who I am
I am yours
I am yours

I know who I am
I know who I am
I know who I am
I am yours
I am yours
And you are mine
Jesus you are mine
You are mine
Jesus you are mine

I was running and you found me
I was blind and gave me sight
You put a song of praise in me
Oh, I was broken and you healed me
I was dying and you gave me life
Lord you are my identity
I know
I know


I am forgiven
I am your friend
I am accepted
Know who I am
I am secure
I’m confident
That I am loved
I know who I am
I am alive
I am set free
I belong to you
And you belong to me


11 Responses to “I Know Who I am”

  1. Alex Says:

    Israel is awesome! He’s a very talented and anointed worship leader/musician. I like “Your name is great” and “You are not forgotten”. Two very cool songs.

    Great blog btw. 😉

  2. storbakken Says:

    This is great. I have the live album. I’d love to see more Christian artists make acoustic albums.

  3. Storbakken & Alex — thanks for stopping by. Israel & New Breed is one of my favorite artists! They bring down the house with their love for the LORD.

  4. kstyle4lyfe Says:

    incredible song…

    i can really hear the chorus. Of Course Chris Tomlin writes just musically
    genius worship songs. Israel Houghton writes really beautiful songs
    so if you put the two together, you get one incredible great song.

    the chorus, seems like a Chris Tomlin taste to me…wow

    great song…

  5. Hi there… thanks so much for sharing this clip. I wasn’t aware of this suite of acoustic versions of his songs available on YouTube. It’s awesome to just hear him alone with his voice and instrument… you feel like you’re in the space he was when God gave him these songs.

    Thanks again and continue to be blessed!

  6. kstyle4lyfe & upper room reunion — thanks for stopping by! I love this one sooooooo much! I’m listening to the CD right now. The Spirit is so all over this album!!!

  7. KELVIN Says:


  8. Amia Says:

    An awesome song and performer! This song really spoke to me this morning. I know who I am ….

  9. Warren Adams Says:

    The words to this prophetic song breathe life and confidence into the psyche of the believer. Many christians really don’t know who they are(in christ), and for those who do (or are searching for their divine identity) the song is good, good news !!!!!
    bless you br. Israel !!!

  10. I don’t have words to describe how much this song makes me feel!!!Awesome!!!!!!!

  11. Michelle Says:

    Thank you for sharing this song.

    When I feel upset, the song comforts my heart.

    I like the lyrics so much 🙂

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