Trouble? Trust Him…

March 7, 2008

Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.
Psalm 50:15

I’m feeling this song in my spirit this morning…He Is My One Desire!!!

One Desire – Hillsong from the Blessed CD

You gave it all for me
My soul desire, my everything
And all I am is devoted to You

How could I fail to see
You are the love that rescued me
And all I am is devoted to You

And oh, how could I not be moved
Lord here with You
So have Your way in me
Cause Lord, there is just one thing
That I will seek

This is my cry
My one desire
Is to be where You are, Lord
Now and forever
It’s more than a song
My one desire
Is to be with You
Is to be with You, Jesus

2 Responses to “Trouble? Trust Him…”

  1. Excellent song. To be honest I’ve never heard it before tonight.

  2. Magda Says:

    Just saw what you wrote and thought you might like this song! Check it out at http://www.famecast.com/contest/stage_top10.php?stage_id=47&round_id=222&artist_id=1648

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